Adult Virtual Day Services

virtual day services for adults 18-65+

Looking for virtual post-secondary education opportunities that provide learning outcomes for adults with disabilities?

Aptiv’s virtual adult day programs provide post-secondary education opportunities for adults with disabilities and help adults develop skills to support their independence.

Next semester: May - July 2021

Class schedule


Class Descriptions

Morning Exercise

Are you looking for a great way to start your day?  Are you looking for a way to stay active in the winter months?  Join us for a fun and engaging way to get moving and stay active.  This course offers a targeted exercise session allowing you to explore different exercises and get active from the comfort of your home.   

Music & Literature

Join us as we explore music and literature in a new and exciting way.  Dive into books and songs as the group explores story telling, themes, and the meaning behind a variety of music and literature.

Book Club

Book Club is back and better than ever!  Come along with us as we walk through the pages of some of your favorite books.  Explore new worlds, learn about the characters and brush up on your reading skills.  

Music & Movies

Join us to share about your favorite music and movies!  In this course the group will explore a variety of music and movies.

ASL (American Sign Language)

If you have already engaged in ASL, this course is a great way to continue to work on your skills.  If you have not been in an ASL course, join us and learn along the way.  ASL is a beautiful language and offers a wonderful opportunity to increase your self-expression.

Sports Fans

Are you a sports FANatic?  Join us to share about your favorite sports and/or sports teams as we keep up to date with the latest news and learn about our favorite sports histories.

Women’s Group

Share your talents, interests and more.  Let’s build on our strengths, support each other and learn a new thing or two.

Emotional Understanding

Join us for a new take on Coping Skills.  In this course we will explore a wide range of emotions, how interactions are influenced by them and how we can recognize and respond to them.  

Brain Games

We’ll explore fun ways to exercise one of your most important muscles - your brain!  Join us as we put our thinking caps on to solve a range of puzzles, brain teasers, problems and more.


Join us to explore the wide world of wellness.  From healthy eating, to healthy relationships and everything in between we will learn about and build skills in the areas of wellness that are important to you.

Coping Skills

Join us and learn about some easy things you can do to help yourself today and any day. From mindfulness to positivity, we will cover all of the different ways you can overcome stress and improve your coping skills.

Social Skills

Who doesn’t love to spend time with friends?  Join us as we work through important skills from communication to active listening and so much more.


Have you ever wanted to travel the world and see the beauty of nature? Join us to explore mountains, rain forests, waterfalls, climate, animals and more! We will learn about the elements of nature as we experience the stunning scenery.

Self Advocacy

In our re-imagined Men’s Group, open to all, we’ll discuss our favorite activities, traditions, current events, and how we’re feeling. Conversations will lead us to group sessions focused on how to communicate our feelings, preferences, and needs by breaking down and discussing relationships, music, and other avenues of self expression.

How do I get started?

First Steps

  1. Contact Aptiv for an informational meeting and to determine options for participation*.
  2. Aptiv meets with the individual and their support network to develop an individualized plan and provide services as outlined in that plan.

*If an individual is eligible for funding through the state or county they will be assessed by a county social worker and can request to be referred to Aptiv for services.

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funding & support resources

Family Care for Adults with Disabilities

a Medicaid managed long-term care program for frail elders and adults with disabilities. The program provides a wide range of health and long-term care services.

Click here for more information



IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct)

 Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services waiver for self-directed long-term supports. The program is an option for adults with long-term care needs.

Click here for more information


Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

The first place to go to get accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.

Click here for more information



Support us

It’s because of gifts to the Aptiv Foundation that children and adults with disabilities are reaching their goals.  It is only through the vision and generosity of contributions to the Aptiv Foundation that it becomes possible to provide the level of support each person needs and deserves. Every dollar donated goes to funding facility improvements, program equipment, and other tools to help people with disabilities live, learn and work in our communities. 

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