Safety Protocols following the Wisconsin State Supreme Court Ruling

As you may be aware, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court has overturned the current public health emergency in place, which also ends the state mask order as of April 5, 2021.

However, many counties, including La Crosse and Rock County, have mask advisories/mandates that remain in place. The continued changes can cause confusion, and many of you may have questions on how Aptiv is responding to this new information.

Regardless of the state, county, or city-level decisions, Aptiv will continue to enforce and follow the health and safety guidelines we currently have in place. This means that everyone attending and working in Aptiv services will still be required to wear face masks, practice proper hand hygiene, and continue to safely distance.

Masks remain a critical tool to slow the spread of COVID-19 until enough people are vaccinated. We will maintain all safety practices, put our participants’ and staff’s health and safety first, and not take any undue risk.

Aptiv will continue to review guidance from the CDC and state and local health departments and monitor virus levels in our service areas.  As circumstances with virus and vaccination levels improve, we will review safety protocols and communicate any changes.