Aptiv participant starts local healthy dog treat business, donating 10% of proceeds to warming center

8/3/2020 - It starts with mixing all the ingredients together, and stir them to make the dough, put them in silicone fun shaped mold, bake and dehydrate, and wa-lah, Leo & Co dog treats are ready to be packaged and delivered to local dogs. 

Leo & Co was established in 2020 by Jon Winn and his mom Sarah, as a healthy dog treat company. Jon does the mixing, baking, labeling, packaging the treats, and traveling to deliver orders. 

The company started after Jon and Sarah decided to pursue something that would highlight his interests and abilities. 

"Jon loves people, and he loves animals," Sarah said. "He likes to help bake and enjoyed making treats for his own dog (Leo)."

In addition to that inspiration, Jon was part of a Day Services group that designed dog toys and donated them, where he learned about the prevalance of homelessness in the community and how often people who are homeless had dogs as companions. He wanted to help the people and their dogs, and so now 10% of proceeds from Leo & Co go to the La Crosse Warming Center. 

Jon says his favorite part is delivering the treats to his customers! If you are interested in buying some of his dog treats, visit his Facebook page here, or find them at Cozy Coffee in Holmen or Waters Edge Campground and Marina in Stoddard. 


Jon mixing the ingredients together

Jon & Leo




Leo, head custodian, monitoring the baking process