Game On! 2019

March 25th, La Crosse, WI - The Trivia Tortfeasors swept both sets of awards this year, being top fundraisers and winners of the night of games. The Trivia Tortfeasors faced stiff competition in the final round against team Aptiv, Accio, but beat them in Championship Trivia!


Which Special Education programs are the two teams choosing to donate to?

The Trivia Tortfeasors chose Northside Elementary, donating $1,000 to their special education program. 

Accio chose Hingten Elementary School, donating $500 to their special education program.  


A huge thank you to our other competing teams for taking the time to fundraise in support of people with disabilities in our community. 

The La Crosse Police: Officers Whitney Hughes, Joel Miller, Nick Ames and Cory Brandl

Rotary After Hours (pRAHsidents): Brandon Harris, Keith Lease, Marissa Dickinson and Justin Garvey

Bremer Bank (eliMOUAnators): Joe Moua, Chee Moua, Tou Ger Moua and Nancy Lee Moua

Church Ladies: Amy Hanson, Gail Guarberg, Lisa Duncanson, Niki Pohnl and Cathy Walth

Oktoberfest: Mike Keil, Stephanie Peterson, Elle Mark and Adam Stevens

Dependable Solutions (The Dirty Bits): BJ Birkholz, had Kuhns, Ryan Wheeler and Joe Ruskey

The winners of Game On! 2019: Trivia Tortfeasors - Hale Skemp Hanson Skemp & Sleik

Left to right: Susan Colliton, William Bolte, Garett Pantratz and Craig Steger. 


Sneak peak at the Game On! 2019 photos, taken by Jenna Walker Photography





And another thank you to our wonderful and generous sponsors for this year's Game On! 

See who our sponsors were this year.