La Crosse: Artwork from local people with disabilities showcased at county building

La Crosse, WI, September 27th, 2019 - If you visit the La Crosse County Buliding now until October, you will see the first floor hallways are lined with art pieces by participants of local disability service organizations, like Aptiv!

This artwork was collected from these organizations by Disability Action Network (DAN), a collaboration of local agencies and community members working to create an inclusive culture that supports people with barriers to live the life people with disabilities deserve. The goal of the art showcase is to highlight the enrichment that people with disabilities bring to our community. 

The artwork will be available for people to see at the county building until the end of October! 

Here are the art pieces by Aptiv participants...

Inspiration (2018)

By: Danny Alderman, Jay David, John Siebenaler and Becky Sobkowiak

Acrylic paint, calendar quotes, mod podge


Calla Lillies (2019)

By: Tasha Farmer, Tiffany Lipke, Lisa Lucey, Lucas Wiemerslage and Jacob Zanter

Acrylic paint

Triangles (2018)

By: Danny Alderman, Jay Davis, John Siebenaler and Becky Sobkowiak

Mixed-media paper, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, mod podge


Paper Trees (2019)

By: Danny Alderman, Thomas Flock, Travis Malayter, John Siebenaler

Scrapbook paper, tag board

Waterfall of Color (2018)

Mark Kohlmeier, Julie Lesky, Sharon Olson, Keith Stachowitz, Jenna Stange

Acrylic paint, puzzle pieces


Colorful World (2017)

By: Mallory Kane, Randal Linhard, Travis Malayter, Lois Schultz

Mixed-media paper, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, mod podge