February Blog: Range of Motion, helping people with disabilities maintain and improve movement

February 28th, 2018 - Range of Motion picks up where Physical and Occupational Therapy ends. Using a plan from a person's Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist (PT/OT), Aptiv is able to support individuals in maintaining their ongoing therapy and exercise orders. We have dedicated exercise space, equipment and staff that most indivuduals do not have access to in their own homes. Range of Motion helps people to develop and maintain physical skills needed to live, learn and work in our communities. 


Tara has been in Range of Motion for many years now. She has achieved more mobility and independence! Her goals to keep working on ensuring her feet don't drag, her head stays up, and her balance remains stable. She is working on these goals by completing laps out of her wheelchair and with a walker. 

Previous things she has needed a bit of assistance with, such as using the bathroom, she is fully independent now. Tara is achieving her goals! 




For Bill, staying in shape means staying in his own home. This means being able to transfer himself from his wheelchair to other locations around his house like his bed, or a chair. With Range of Motion, he has access to enough space and equipment to continue to do his exercises that were devleoped by his Occupational Therapist. 

His goal is to keep his arms and legs strong. 




Jake is in Range of Motion to work on increasing his muscle mass. He does this by walking, using pull up bars, and other exericses. With Range of Motion, he has access to equipment to help him get up on his feet, walk around the building, and has enough space to do these things. 

Range of Motion has helped Jake stay fit and healthy, along with exercising his brain by remembering his fitness routine and counting his reps. 

Questions about Range of Motion and how to get involved? 

Southern Wisconsin region: Call 608.563.5762 or email info@aptiv.org.

Northern Wisconsin region: Call 608.785.3514 or email info@aptiv.org. 


Read more about our Range of Motion service under "Services We Offer."