Restoring the Ice Age Trail

Wednesday, April 17th, Janesville - Andew loves being outdoors and doing physical labor. But he doesn't get the opportunity to do this kind of work at his home. He has limited mobility in his left arm and leg. 

He began to volunteer with the Ice Age Trail between Janesville and Milton, as part of Aptiv's Community Engagement program. 

Andrew is building new skills such as thinking of adaptive ways to accomplish physically difficult tasks despite his limited mobility. His adaptive methods? Using his left arm to leverage a pole saw against his body while sawing with his right hand. 

"It's such a good time," Andrew said about his volunteering, "I like cutting stuff down also." 

Andrew gets to showcase his talents and skills while also working as a team to complete tasks that benefit his community. 

"The Ice Age Trail would be a little more than a line on a map without the hundreds of passionate individuals contributing tens of thousands of hours each year to create new segments of the Trail and care for existing ones," Dennis James, Chapter Coordinator of the Ice Age Trail Alliance, said. "Aptiv and other organizations were fantastic in their help in the summer of 2018, and we look forward to their help with the upcoming summer this year." 

Andrew thinks of adaptive ways to achieve what he wants to do.