RemarkAble Citizen of the Month 

Aptiv’s RemarkAble Citizen of the Month campaign is a nomination based recognition campaign put in place to celebrate the successes and achievements of people with disabilities. This campaign not only focuses on participants from each of the Aptiv locations, but it is also open to individuals of all ages, abilities, and genders in the surrounding communities. We have dedicated this campaign to being able to recognize both men and women for their dedication within the community and their overall remarkAbilities.


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RemarkAble Citizen of the Month

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Current RemarkAble Citizen

July 2019

Meet our July 2019 RemarkAble Citizen of the Month, LaVerne!

LaVerne is a remarkAble citizen because of his radiant positive attitude. He is always spreading cheer wherever he goes with a smile on his face whether he is working, out in the community, or at home with his roommates! 

LaVerne is 55 years old, a dauntless fellow who works at Aptiv every day. He enjoys going to baseball games, watching cooking shows, helping staff cook meals, going to McDonald’s, and playing games on his tablet.  




Past RemarkAble Citizens

June 2019

Tom is a remarkable citizen because he has sincerity about the way he loves to be around people and how he makes other people feel. He puts a big smile on people's faces when they see him! 

Tom is involved in Special Olympics doing bowling, track and field and basketball! 

He loves to play sports, sing/dance, watch movies (Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, Jurassic Park, and RV are some of his favorites), and watching Drake and Josh the TV show! 

Tom stays up to date with the Packers, Brewers and the Badgers. 

What is he also doing in his spare time? Drinking chocolate milk and eating cookies! 







May 2019

Amanda is 37 years old and has been a participant at Aptiv since 2013. Amanda was nominated as a remarkAble citizen because she seems to always be a positive person, works very hard at her job, and overall enjoys helping others. She shows great focus at work and has a great relationship with her coworkers. Besides working at Goodwill, Amanda also loves horses and favors the color pink. She is a very happy and social person, whose smile is infectious and can always perk up someone's day. 







April 2019

Mallory is 29 years old and is a participant at Aptiv. Her passions include, caring for the animals at ClearWater Farm, rain or shine, spending time with her family and friends, and working her job on the UWL campus, washing tables. When Mallory isn’t working or volunteering, she enjoys shopping, getting her nails or hair done, and watching some of her favorite movies. Mallory is a remarkAble citizen because she continues to go above and beyond in everything that she does and is an inspiration to her community.