November 2019 RemarkAble Citizen: Cassandra

Cassandra was selected to be November’s RemarkAble Citizen of the Month because of her accomplishments in defying all odds and her disability for her employment. She is 31 years old and has a physical disability. Cassandra first worked with her employment specialist, she didn’t have transportation from her group home or even taxi punch cards. She rode her bicycle 10 miles to meet with her employment specialist until she got her transportation fixed. She had an internship at Microtel Hotel as a breakfast attendant, but her desire was to work in the housekeeping. After the internship ended, Cassandra was hired and given the opportunity to prove herself in the housekeeping department, and that’s what she did - proved herself! Cassandra is working 100% independently and enjoys the comradery with her co-workers. According to her employer, Cassandra is reliable, dependable, always on time...or early for every shift she’s scheduled and is a hard worker. One of the regulars at the hotel has nicknamed her “Montana” from where she used to live.