Adult Family Homes

adult family homes for adults 18-65+

Looking for residential assisted living options for adults with disabilities?

Aptiv’s Adult Family Homes are licensed residential assisted living houses providing 24/7 care for up to four residents per home. Our staff provides necessary help with activities of daily living, personal care, community outings, home safety, medication assistance, and goal setting.

Each home is staffed with trained and competent caregivers and are four single-occupancy bedroom homes.

What happens in an Adult Family Home?

Aptiv's Adult Family Home model of care is person-driven. We provide individualized care to support your needs and achieve your goals.

We strive to provide individualized support services while maintaining and encouraging a "family-style" environment. We recognize that our AFHs are "home" for each person served, and are designed to not only meet the individual needs of each person served but is also done in a way to encourage positive family-like relationships.

Residents of our homes are encouraged to make the house feel like home. Each person has their own private bedroom that they may decorate to their liking. Residents build strong relationships and lasting friendships with one another.

Our highly trained staff includes each member of the household in making group decisions about meals, activities, and outings. Residents have the opportunity to be an active community member and attend events, recreational activities, religious services, and anything else that interests them.

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Our objectives are...

  • Include each member of the household in group making decisions

  • Provide residents the opportunity to be an active community member

  • Provide opportunities for residents to make friends and pursue personal interests

  • Foster a family-style structure

  • To help each resident work towards their personal goals

  • To create a comfortable transition for new residents by offering home visits to ensure a good fit

Adult Family Home Facilities

La Crosse, WI               Onalaska, WI

Farnam House                                 Abbey Road House                         

How do I get started?

First Steps

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your questions and needs.

  1. Contact Aptiv today for an informational, no-cost, no-obligation discussion to determine options for participation*.

  2. Aptiv meets with the individual and their care team to develop an individualized plan and provide services as outlined in that plan.

*If an individual is eligible for funding through the state or county they will be assessed by a county social worker and can request to be referred to Aptiv for services.

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Family Care for Adults with Disabilities

A Medicaid managed long-term care program for frail elders and adults with disabilities. The program provides a wide range of health and long-term care services.

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It’s because of gifts to the Aptiv Foundation that children and adults with disabilities are reaching their goals.  It is only through the vision and generosity of contributions to the Aptiv Foundation that it becomes possible to provide the level of support each person needs and deserves. Contributions go to funding facility improvements, program equipment, and other tools to help people with disabilities live, learn and work in our communities. 

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