Adult Virtual Day Services

Virtual Day Services for Adults 18-65+

Looking for virtual post-secondary education opportunities that provide learning outcomes for adults with disabilities?

Aptiv’s virtual adult day programs provide post-secondary education opportunities for adults with disabilities and help adults develop skills to support their independence.

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Virtual Day Services Curriculum

Virtual Day Services Curriculum

Exercise & Wellness -  Join us as we explore health and wellness through a variety of physical exercises and health topics, working them into our weekly routine to help us learn how to increase or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some activities and modalities we will be learning about include nutrition, sleep, body weight exercises, yoga, relaxation techniques, and tai chi.


Brain Games & Trivia- We’ll be sure to give your brain a good workout in a fun and engaging way as we make our way through various games, tasks and activities designed to increase or maintain cognitive functioning. We’ll also be challenging you with trivia questions, so be sure to bring your thinking caps! Some activities that may be included in our sessions are trivia, Jeopardy, memory games, rebus puzzles, word games, spot the difference, and hidden images.


Nature & Animals- Join us in exploring all things nature and animals, especially the unique, weird, and bizarre, from funky plants to mysterious sea creatures to fuzzy friends. Some activities and modalities included throughout the semester are animal trivia, virtual field trips to zoos, aquariums, and nature reserves, and simulating deep sea submarine dives.

How Can You Participate?

First Steps

  1. Contact Aptiv for an informational meeting and to determine options for participation*.
  2. Aptiv meets with the individual and their support network to develop an individualized plan and provide services as outlined in that plan.

*If an individual is eligible for funding through the state or county they will be assessed by a county social worker and can request to be referred to Aptiv for services.

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funding & support resources

Family Care for Adults with Disabilities

a Medicaid managed long-term care program for frail elders and adults with disabilities. The program provides a wide range of health and long-term care services.

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IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct)

 Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services waiver for self-directed long-term supports. The program is an option for adults with long-term care needs.

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Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

The first place to go to get accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.

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It’s because of gifts to the Aptiv Foundation that children and adults with disabilities are reaching their goals.  It is only through the vision and generosity of contributions to the Aptiv Foundation that it becomes possible to provide the level of support each person needs and deserves. Contributions go to funding facility improvements, program equipment, and other tools to help people with disabilities live, learn and work in our communities. 

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