Miss RemarkAble Pageant

Building life skills and self-confidence

Miss RemarkAble is a pageant for women with disabilities ages 13 and older.  The Miss RemarkAble Pageant provides a platform for these women to build their confidence and self-esteem through educational workshops in the morning, as well as one-on-one interviews, ending the day with the on-stage pageant portion.  During the pageant, the contestants will introduce themselves, answer an on-stage question, and their RemarkAble Me Videos will be played.  All ten contestants will receive their own personalized title, along with a crown, sash and flowers.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018

Time: Doors open at 3pm

Location: Weber Center for the Performing Arts - Lyche Theatre - La Crosse, WI

tICkets available now

Tickets to the Miss RemarkAble Pageant are limited.

Good Luck Ads

Good Luck Ads for the Miss RemarkAble program book are available for purchase! This gives family, friends, coworkers, and others a chance to submit a message of support/good luck for their favorite contestant(s) to be printed in the Miss RemarkAble program book.

About the Event

Miss RemarkAble was created by Aptiv, formerly known as Riverfront, as an event to give women with disabilities the ability to build life skills and self-confidence. This event is a fundraiser that benefits the Aptiv Foundation, which generates charitable gifts to fund facility improvements, new programming and equipment needs for services provided to people with disabilities. The Aptiv Foundation provides the financial resources to create new projects, programs, initiatives or purchase adaptive equipment for the individuals with disabilities served by Aptiv.

All proceeds from the event are utilized to ensure that people with disabilities can achieve a more confident and connected experience in our community.

For more information, please contact Elissa, Aptiv Foundation Development Specialist at 608.785.3526 or elissa.cook@aptiv.org

Aptiv has staff on hand who are available to answer questions about the Miss RemarkAble application. Please call Elissa or email foundation@aptiv.org to request help.




Miss RemarkAble 2018 Contestants

Read about our remarkable contestants for this year's pageant!













Jenna Lea

Jenna loves photography, talking to friends, riding her bike, swimming, going to concerts, and being with family.

She loves socializing with people, which is one reason why Jenna would love to be Miss RemarkAble 2018, in addition to trying a new adventure.

She also babysits, and does walking and volleyball in her free time.












Shelby Reschke

Shelby is currently working at her dream job, for the La Crosse Loggers Baseball Association. While she isn’t working, she loves dancing, crafts, photography, baking, and playing board games.

She also helps fundraise for the Children’s Miracle Network. Shelby also is a Sugar Creek Bible Camp representative, and volunteers at the Special Olympics, while also being a former athlete.

Shelby loves to work out, and her sister helped her get on a work out schedule. She also takes care of her sister’s dog while she is away at college.

‘I think I am a nice person who really likes to be with and meet new people. I like to make people happy. I like to cheer people up when they are sad or need someone to talk to. I think to represent Miss RemarkAble, you need to be friendly and I think I am a friendly person. I was Miss Charming last year and really hope to be your Miss RemarkAble this year!”









Tracy Kagel

Tracy’s dream job is to be a sign language interpreter and public speaker.

She is into sports such as track, hockey, bocce ball, and bowling. She is involved with the Special Olympics.

In her free time, she bird watches, does word searches, sign language, watches movies, bakes, reads and uses the computer.

Tracy volunteers at her church, the La Crosse Community Theater, and Gundersen. She also participates in the local craft club.

She knows sign language, she is smart, and is an excellent teacher.













Lois Schultz

“My name Lois

I want to be a writer

I helped some people with cancer

I helped by ringing bells for Salvation Army

I stand up for cancer and I want

To be kind and nice

With a good heart

Friends and family I want

You to be you. Because

You are special I make

You smile love and hope”

-Lois Schultz

Lois Schultz wants to be a writer, because she loves to write poems. But in addition to writing, she participates in dance and cooking classes. She is a part of the Year Book Committee at Aptiv, and is learning to type on a laptop.

Lois recently graduated from the C.O.R.E. program, and has been doing lots of volunteering this year. She has volunteered at the food drive, made blankets for the hospital, and helped hand out t-shirts for breast cancer awareness. She also rang bells at the Salvation Army and participated in the Down Syndrome Awareness Walk.

Lois is funny, and makes friends easily. She loves making people smile.

Lois wants to represent Aptiv as Miss RemarkAble by helping others and showing others that people with disabilities are a valuable part of the community.





Saphra Bina

Saphra loves fishing, singing, art, and would love to be Miss RemarkAble 2018 to represent Aptiv and my friends. Her sister represented the state, and she wants to as well. She loves talking to people and sharing experiences.

Saphra works at Goodwill, but loves to be involved with older folks such as her grandma, grandpa and others.

She has cats, a dog and a pond full of fish.

Saphra is creative and artsy, participating in drama related activities and having her art work recognized at the State Fair, Pump House and La Crosse Fair.





Camille Degaz

Camille wants to help promote Aptiv with local, state and federal politicians and create more exposure for people with disabilities in the community.

For Camille, politics and current events are some of her interests. But she also loves baseball, hockey, and meeting students from other countries on the bus. 

Camille lives on her own, which is something she is proud of, and her late father was a Wisconsin native and Korean War Hero. 

She is involved with the La Crosse MTU Board, and her church. 

But in all, she says life in general is an interest for her. 





Brittany Beranek

“Well, it's one for the money

Two for the show

Three to get ready

Now go, Brittany, go…”

Brittany Beranek is a dedicated Elvis fan, and she will be participating in the 2018 Miss RemarkAble Pageant! She has attended the Elvis Explosion in La Crosse for the last 13 years!

Besides being an Elvis fan, Brittany loves to sign karaoke, write in her journal, listen to music, shop, bowl and go to the library. She has an excellent memory, recalling names and details of past events with ease. Along with her great sense of humor, she loves word search puzzles.

Brittany is currently enrolled in the C.O.R.E. program, graduating in June 2018.

She hopes to make new friends and meet new people at this year’s pageant.

“It would help me to be confident and have poise being Miss RemarkAble and show others that even though I have a disability,” Brittany said, “I still have an ability to be the best I can be!”


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