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Giving people the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive

Aptiv  is committed to providing people with disabilities the opportunity to:

·         Showcase their aptitude for learning new skills

·         Better-engage and play a more-active role in their community

·         Live a more-meaningful and fulfilling life

·         Find adaptive options that help them succeed in their goals. 

The Aptiv Foundation

The Aptiv Foundation exists to support Aptiv, Inc., which helps individuals with disabilities live more independently and learn life skills. The Foundation is an integral part of what makes Aptiv successful. Not only by funding the services Aptiv, Inc. provides and the events that we host, but also by creating new possibilities in the community for individuals with disabilities.

The Aptiv Foundation has a direct impact on the level of service Aptiv, Inc. is able to deliver by providing the flexibility to spend where the need is greatest, or when special opportunities arise.

Each donation we receive is important. Every single dollar provides equipment, services and independence to the people we serve.

You’ll provide the support someone needs in landing a job and growing their job skills through our job placement services.

You’ll create dozens of smiles and lots of self-confidence as people learn to shop, cook and do many other things for themselves through our residential and community living services.

Make a donation, get involved with fundraising events,or volunteer. No matter how big or small, your contribution does make a difference.

There are many ways you can help:

Your Giving Choices

When you donate to the Aptiv Foundation you can choose to give to the area of greatest need or specify one of our funds, described briefly below.

Achievement Fund

The Achievement Fund, provides unrestricted financial support to Aptiv. Its purpose is to provide necessary funding where it is needed most as Aptiv works with adults with disabilities in helping them achieve their personal and employment goals. Donate now.

Legacy Endowment

This endowment helps ensure Aptiv fulfills its mission to provide services in Rock County. Its purpose is to provide necessary funding where it is needed most as Aptiv works with adults with disabilities in helping them achieve their personal and employment goals. Donate now.

Solid Start Fund

Some participants find it difficult to pull together financial resources to begin living independently. The Solid Start Fund removes the financial barrier participants may face as they move into their own home. Participants may receive one time funding, up to $3,500 for household necessities — beds, dressers, towels, a kitchen table and dishes, for example — to help ensure they receive a solid start to independent living. With the necessities in place, participants can focus on mastering independent living skills. Donate now.

People Can’t Wait Fund

Most Aptiv participants rely on a fragile funding system for day-to-day living. When a piece of that system shifts, services can lapse and participants find themselves in limbo. The People Can’t Wait Fund was developed to provide temporary funding so participants can continue services while alternative funding is secured. The fund provides security and continuity during times of transition and ensures Aptiv participants stay on track to meet their goals. Donate now.

Innovation Fund

The lives of individuals with disabilities improves drastically when they achieve their goals. The Innovation Fund provides critical resources to enhance, expand, or add innovative services—beyond funding for ordinary programs. The fund paves the way for the innovations that help Aptiv participants meet their goals. Donate now.

Real Hope Endowment

The number of people with disabilities is increasing, and our entire population is aging.  Public funding is not keeping pace with the increasing needs for long-term support, but through the Real Hope Endowment, together we can provide opportunities for real work and real life for people with disabilities. The Real Hope Endowment supports a myriad of innovative solutions, including personalized behavioral support plans, fitness equipment, therapeutic tools, job training and more. Donate now.

Jim Lane Enrichment Fund

The Jim Lane Enrichment Fund, established by the family of Jim Lane, a long-time Aptiv participant provides recreational opportunities for Aptiv participants. The fund provides grants to Aptiv participants for recreation and travel. The benefits of a local outing or extended travel include opportunities to develop independence, build cognitive and motor skills, develop communication and social skills, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence and establish a feeling of community. Donate now.

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We need your help to continue to provide exceptional services and support to people with a disability. Each donation we receive is important. Every single dollar is used to provide equipment and services to support people with disabilities.  You can help us make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of children and adults with a disability today.

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You can donate online, call us at 608-784-9450 or print this form and mail it to: Aptiv Foundation, 3000 South Avenue, La Crosse, WI 54601

If you would like to learn more, please contact Andy Parrish, Development Director, at 608-784-3584.