Disabling the label at UWL

La Crosse, WI, April 12th, 2018 

On Wednesday, Aptiv employees, participants, interns, and the community gathered together to disable the label, an event on disability awareness and opportunity.

Two people, Sara and Joe, stood in front of the group to talk about themselves, breaking down the stigma behind having a disability and living life like everyone else.

Sara, who is Miss RemarkAble 2017, rocked her crown and sash as she talked about her job making sandwiches for students at Mondos, a sandwich shop on the UWL campus.

Her favorite part of her job is the students, who say she puts the most pickles on their sandwiches, and also makes the best sandwiches in general.

Sara also does swimming, bocce, and coaching for the Special Olympics.

Joe spoke after Sara, talking about the three jobs he has at UWL, Isla La Plume and for the DOT. He loves getting out of his home, and of course the paycheck.

Like Sara, he loves sports such as football and baseball.

“I want to make a difference with people with disabilities,” Joe said. “In every state across this country.”

Joe is an Aptiv participant, which supports him with his funds, laundry, exercise, getting groceries, and in his words, “being a model citizen.”  

The message Aptiv hopes people will take away from this event is understanding the role people with disabilities play in our community, and their preconceived notions about who people with disabilities are, is probably wrong.

Be an advocate for people with disabilities every day by changing your language. Instead of saying a disabled person, say a person with a disability. Instead of saying a Downs girl, say a girl who has down syndrome. Put the person before their disability, it’s a matter of respect.

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    Recreational Therapy interns Shawn and Matt talk about their experiences in Day Services.  

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    Denise, Volunteer Coordinator, talks about all the ways you can get involved with Aptiv by interning, volunteering, or employment. 

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    Jimmy, a Community Outreach Specialist, talks about what Aptiv is and what stereotypes people are hearing.  

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    Marketing interns Laney and Megan organized the first DisAble the Label event. 

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