Meet our Donors: Keith Carson

La Crosse, WI, June 29, 2018 

Keith Carson is the owner of Houghton’s Jackson Street Pub, which he has owned for two years, the same amount of time he has been involved with donations to Aptiv.

“Aptiv is a great organization that gives people with disabilities an opportunity to experience life,” Carson said. “Everything we have contributed to Aptiv warms my heart.”

When Carson became the owner of Houghton’s, Joe, an Aptiv participant, had been working there as a dishwasher for over 6 years. Carson thinks of him as an asset to the team, and enjoys his company.

“He is such an interesting character,” he said. “He loves to sing, and gets a gumball from the 25 cent machine and has people guess the color.”

Carson learned from a young age to give compassion to people with disabilities, and understand they were born that way. He learned this from his father, who was an orthotist, which is someone who specializes in mechanical devices for people with physical disabilities.

Carson hopes to continue his involvement with Aptiv in the future, through donations and even hiring participants at his restaurant.

“Be open to different opportunities for people of all skills,” Carson said. “There are jobs out there for everyone, look at your business and see how people can fit in.”