March 2020 Remarkable Citizen: Harley Orr

Harley was selected to be March’s RemarkAble Citizen of the Month because of his growth as an independent citizen.

Harley spent a lot of time in day services, working at Goodwill part time, and was taken to go swimming at the YMCA on Wednesdays. Harley and his staff would frequently stop at Dairy Queen on their way home from a good swim. It was Harley’s dream to work at Dairy Queen.

He followed his dream, and now has a job at Dairy Queen in Onalaska working Monday through Friday. At first, the transition was difficult with full-time coaching, but today he no longer needs as much help.

Not only has he developed within his position at Dairy Queen, he also has been taking the bus to and from work and the YMCA on his own to do what he loves.

Over the years, Harley has become very independent in the community and continues to improve his confidence as a RemarkAble Citizen.