October 2019 RemarkAble Citizen: Garrett

Garrett was nominated as a RemarkAble Citizen because he has been a model representative of Aptiv. He is in the Best Buddies program and ran the Best Buddies booth with the volunteer coordinator at Aptiv, for an Aptiv event. Garrett is well known for his compassion and willingness to help others complete their work. Garrett is 21 years old and has a psychological disorder and anxiety disorder. He made great leaps with his abilities to participate, communicate, and interact with the community around him. He also completed CORE (Career Opportunity and Readiness Enhancement) recently. Garrett had an internship at The Breakfast Club as a busboy and that gave him a sense of accomplishment. He was so proud. He then got offered a job there and works 4 days a week! His co workers and supervisors all think he is great and stated many times that he brightens their days. Garrett takes great pride in everything he does.