16 Pines residents Don, Jason, Tom and LaVerne.


16 Pines at the Fair

La Crosse, WI, July 25, 2018 

The guys at 16 Pines love being social, together and in the community. 

Even though going out to the La Crosse Interstate Fair is what most people consider fun, it also is a skill building activity for Don, Jason, Tom and LaVerne. 

Each of guys worked on daily living and social skills in a real-life setting. They purchased goods and food, paid their entrance fees, asked help from the fair staff, and handled their own money. 

Tom has a future goal of living independently, and all of those skills above are needed for him to meet that goal. He is laying the foundation for one day living on his own. 

For the whole house, they focused on social skills in an enviornment that can be intimidating and stimulating. They worked towards big and small goals at the fair. 

16 Pines is an adult family home of Aptiv, and we value community integration and inclusion. In addition to the fair, the guys at 16 Pines get to as many Special Olympics events as they can, participate in the Down Syndrome Awareness Walks to support their peers, community members and families, and do any activity that allows them to get out of the house and into something fun.