Cool Beans displays cool artwork

La Crosse, WI, April 11th, 2018 

All his life Tom, an Aptiv participant, has been coloring. Whenever he has downtime, he grabs a flashlight and markers, and sprawls out. He loves to color because it is calming, and he can do it by himself, without anyone telling him what to do. When he finishes a piece, he knows where it will be going, whether to family members, friends, or elsewhere. Each project has a purpose.

Pairing up with his nephew, Brad, Tom’s coloring is being showcased at Cool Beans Coffee Shop on La Crosse Street. The artwork Tom colored is Brad’s drawings.

During their collaboration, Brad also worked with their whole family throughout the process. Everyone was involved and it created even more joy and excitement to pursue their project.

"Collaborating with Tom is something very special to me,” Brad said. “Throughout my college career I always enjoyed the opportunity to work with the people around me and that reassured my desire to become an art teacher. I always saw the joy that came from others as we were creating, and those emotions intensified with Tom.”

Just like his Uncle Tom, Brad got into art at a very young age as well, and recently graduated with an art education degree from UW-Whitewater.

Brad is looking forward to working on a couple more art pieces with Tom in the future, but for now, check out their art at Cool Beans! If you want to take a piece home, they will be for sale.

"Growing up with someone in your family that inspires you with their kindness and actions is something everyone hopes to have.  You look for the smiles, the hugs, and the everlasting kindness.  This project is guided toward the focusing on those things.  Whoever they may be, we hope that they encourage you to be the best person you imagine yourself to be.

This is a family collaboration between the ink drawings of Brad Miller(nephew) and the coloring of Tom Roesler(uncle)."

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