November Blog: What is life like for residents of an adult family home?

La Crosse, November 20, 2018 - What is life like in an adult family home? 


For example, it is Monday morning and Tom goes to work. Shortly after, Jason goes to Aptiv's Day Services. During this time, LaVerne watches his favorite cooking network shows before he gets ready to go to work at noon. Once he is gone, Don gets to put on his favorite Western flicks. And at the end of the day, the four guys return home and eat dinner together and do normal evening activities such as watching TV, playing games, chatting with each other, going shopping at Walmart, or running other errands. On Monday nights they go bowling. 

For lunch, LaVerne and Don ate leftovers from a previous dinner. It consisted of chicken, coleslaw, strawberry yogurt and juice. Aptiv staff member, Nicole, ate the lunch she brought.  


Lunch included leftover chicken, coleslaw, yogurt and juice.


Their house is a normal single family home with a dining room, living room, basement, bathrooms, and their own bedrooms. Each has made the house their home, decorating with artwork and photos of their family members and loved ones. 

Each guy's bedroom holds their own flare, from Don's Packers throw blanket neatly laid on his bed, to Tom's camouflage recliner. Jason has his boots lined up at the end of his bed, and LaVerne's photo collage of his family and friends hang next to an award he has earned and a newspaper article clipping featuring him playing basketball. 


LaVerne watching the Food Network channel before work.


LaVerne loves taking trips to Shopko, and Don makes sure he has a fully stocked supply of microwave popcorn and root beer. 

Jason enjoys Packers games (actually all of the guys do), and Tom loves watching Youtube videos. 


So what is life like at Sixteen Pines and other adult family homes?

Normal. They live just like any other roommate situation. The guys live their lives separate and together. They work, they have Monday bowling night, they attend Packers games, they go errand running together, they are just living life. 


(Left to right, top to bottom) Don, Tom, Jason and LaVerne.