Chris the cribbage champ

La Crosse, October 15, 2018 - Chris loves to play cribbage. Anyone could tell by just coming into his home, where there is a plethora of scoreboards on his fridge and pantry door. 

Silke, our Northern Residential Coordinator, played cribbage with Chris for the first time. 

"Are you ready to get skunked?" he had said when she arrived at his home.

Silke explained to Chris that she had just learned this summer and wasn't very good yet.

"Chris was an AMAZING teacher!" Silke said. "He made sure I understood every point, and taught me better than my friend taught me this summer!"

While the two were playing, Silke told Chris that her friend said she couldn't play with his family, because she was too slow and his family was fast and cuthroat. 

Chris responds, "you know what? Your friend's family shouldn't play cut throat. They should take the time to teach you so you know how to play the game." 

"People look at our participants and make assumptions on their abilities, their cognition, and their self-reflection skills," Silke said. "This moment was a perfect example of how you cannot make these assumptions." 


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