David: Kitchen Gadget Guru Livin' Independently

Janesville, WI, May 22nd, 2018

His Ninja Cooking system, Ninja Coffee bar, and air fryer are just the few kitchen gadgets David has been into lately. Using these tools, he is learning how to create healthy dishes that are low on sugary and fatty foods.

Before David, an Aptiv participant, was in Community Supported Living, he never cooked. But now he is enthusiastic about meal planning and creating a weekly shopping list.

David has been in Community Supported Living for the last nine months, a service that provides flexible support to individuals to live as independently as possible.

“The progress he has made with his cooking skills has been very significant!” Travis, Community Supported Living Lead in Janesville, said.

In addition to his cooking and planning goals, David has been working on learning about when it is appropriate to call 911. With the one call service that Community Supported Living provides, David can run any issues by the staff before calling 911. This helps David gain more independence on deciding whether or not his situation is an emergency or not. Since last fall, his 911 calls have dramatically lowered.

“I love the program! I can do things myself, like going shopping, and cooking for myself and put everything in its place,” David said. “I do my own dishes and laundry. I vacuum my own carpet. I also like to talk about budgeting and making grocery lists. I like going grocery shopping with Travis.”

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