Day Service Dancers

La Crosse, June 22, 2018 - Skipping, leg lift, leaps, and more dance moves were seen Friday morning at the La Crosse Dance Centre, where Day Services Dance Class has their weekly practice.

The dance class consists of six Aptiv participants, each with their contribution to the choreography of their dance. The instructors, Nikki Balsamo, Artistic Director and Owner of the Dance Centre, and Leah, a dance instructor in training under Nikki, organized all the participants’ moves of choice together into one longer dance that fit with the music choice of “Beat It” by Michael Jackson.

The La Crosse Dance Centre and Aptiv have partnered for once a week daytime classes for participants in Day Services.

Leah has a disability as well, and was a participant at Aptiv, where she had the support to get her first job. She started to teach dance at Aptiv because she wanted everyone, no matter if they have a disability or not, to be able to dance, just as she has been able to dance.

She is happy to have the connection with Aptiv through dance.

Dance increases flexibility, general fitness, and is an opportunity for socialization, according to Balsamo. It is also creative and a collaborative process between dancers.

“Dance is a common denominator that connects us all as humans,” Balsamo said.

The Day Services Dance Class currently runs on a semester basis, with the first ever class Summer 2016. Each class is 45 minutes.

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