December Blog: Who are some of our Community Supported Living (CSL) participants?

Janesville, WI, December 27, 2018 - Community Supported Living is simply a service we provide to help people with disabilities live independently in their own home, whether that is helping an individual get their groceries, remind them about their medication, attend doctor's appointments with them, along with many other things that people might just need some help with to continue to live independently. 

Who are some of our CSL participants? 


Jacquelyne's upstairs apartment is completely decorated with flowers and foliage, with a flowery smell to match. August marked one year living in her apartment in Janesville, before she had been living in a nursing home. 

"But gah the food there was terrible," Jacquelyne's face twisted in disgust when she said that. She had been a chef before she moved into the nursing home. She then moved out, had a bad fall, and went back into the nursing home. Now, with help from Aptiv, she is living in her apartment indendently (with her fluffy cat named Maisy). 

Aptiv helps Jacquelyne with her laundry, since it is down a flight of stairs, meal prep, doctor's trips, errands, and managing her diabetes. 

Now, she says she is flourishing. 

"Make your life what you make it," Jacquelyne said. "I want to be on my own, I want to take care of myself, I know what I have to do, it just may take me a little longer."


David smiled for a picture with his large kitchen gadget collection in the background, which he keeps in his large living room closet. A few of his gadgets are on his kitchen counter, including a Ninja coffee maker. One of his favorite Westerns is playing on his TV in the background, Gunsmoke, with John Wayne. 

David loves to cook, and only needs a little help with running errands to buy his groceries. He also enjoys baking, but only when he really wants to. For lunch, he had a ham sandwich, and planned to make meat loaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. 

Some of his favorite activities include going to Walmart, (he talks to everyone and everyone knows him!) talking on the phone with his girlfriend Jackie, and of course collecting kitchen gadgets. 

For David, indepedence is important, and he is achieving that with just a little help from Aptiv. 



Holly's Miss Positive 2018 sash hangs on the wall near her bed, from the recent Miss RemarkAble pageant. Her yarn and coloring books were in a bin under her bed, and she sat enjoying her free time on the computer. By that, you can tell her favorite activities. She loves knitting, being on the computer, and coloring. 

Aptiv helps Holly with making sure she remembers to take her meds, running errands such as the grocery store and the bank, and doing her laundry. She is working on getting better with knowing when to clean her apartment, and saving her money. 

As she gets better with saving money, she wants to buy a boom box for herself. 

Holly is great at cooking for herself, and picks out what food she wants at the grocery store. Her favorite is chicken, but also loves pizza and making homemade french fries. 

She currently works at Aptiv's prevocational site in Janesville, and hopes to continue towards community employment. 


CSL helps people with disabilities live independently in their own homes

Every CSL participant has their own unique needs for their lives, but each has a goal of living independently in their own homes, and Aptiv helps them achieve that, whether it be help with laundry, running errands, or remembering to take their meds, Aptiv is here to help each individual we serve meet their goals.