Holly: Steppin' up to her goals

Janesville, WI, May 30th, 2018 

A step up on the bus independently has Holly stepping towards the direction of reaching her goals.

Holly, an Aptiv participant, has been a part of Community Support Living, a service that provides flexible support to individuals to live as independently as possible, since September 2017.

In this service, she is assisted with medications, food preparation and purchasing, housekeeping, safety, finances, and running errands. She previously had assistance with using the bus, but she is now able to ride the bus independently and get to where she wants or needs to go.

“I enjoy it,” Holly said. “Sue helps me out, we’re a good team. I love cooking with her.”

Since March, Holly has begun services in the production area in Janesville, where she works two days a week towards her goal of community employment.

Holly takes great pride in her work, but also says she enjoys getting out her apartment.

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