Participants receive awards at 2018 Janesville Banquet

Janesville, November 13, 2018 - Last Friday was an evening to showcase the achievements of our participants over the last year. Before the award ceremony, everyone enjoyed dinner and social time, and after the award ceremony was a dance to close out the night. 



Shining Star Award winners

Alisa Peck recieved the Shining Star Award in Behavior.

Michael Clark recieved the Shining Star Award in Community Employment. 

Andrew Fry recieved the Shining Star Award in Day Services. 

Karen Dominy recieved the Shining Star Award in Residential Services. 

Julie Farnsworth recieved the Shining Star Award in Onsite Employment. 


Achievement Awards 

Social Award

Brian Kildow, Jill Gant, Josh Staller, and Bobbie Jo Waller

Each of these participants have made improvements in one or more of the following areas...

  • Working both individually and in groups to achieve one goal together.

  • Awareness of Social Structures and how to navigate them successfully.

  • Relationship-Building Skills of which include greeting and initiation skills, friendship development skills, and developing and maintaining social networks.

  • Self-Presentation Skills of which include skills involving politeness, etiquette such as using manners and taking turns,and responsibility for self-care.

  • Interpersonal Interactions such as both verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills, problem solving, and decision making.

  • Communication Skills such as being assertive, active listening skills and responsive behavior, and effectively expressing thoughts and feelings.

Soft Skills of which may include: Self-motivation, leadership, teamwork, time management, decisiveness, flexibility, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Employment Award

Jill Gant and Susan Nelson

Each of these participants have made improvements in one or more of the following areas...

  • Preparing for a job, demonstrated through interview techniques, resume development and strategies to market themselves.

  • Job development skills, demonstrated through searching for a job, retaining employment and enhancing job skills.

  • Active participation with their job coach to improve on the job performance and gain new job skills.

  • Ability to attend to task and follow directions from job coach or supervisor

  • Effectively communicating with supervisors and co-workers

  • Learning and enhancing skills related to attendance

  • Discovering the benefits of employment including healthcare options and work incentives.

Health and Wellness Award

Rhonda Farnsworth and Donald Rhoades 

Each of these participants have made improvements in one or more of the following areas...

  • Overall physical health by attending one of the many exercise groups available, including Tai Chi, Stability Ball, Walking and Stretching and Cardio or engaging in community based health programs such as being an active member of the YMCA.

  • Increasing their fine motor skills in an art group exhibited through activities such as painting, drawing or successfully manipulating small objects for projects.

  • Increasing healthy eating and cooking habits by participating in cooking groups making healthy meals or completing healthy meal prep in their homes.

  • Overall wellness by attending our gardening group and demonstrating skills through planting, watering and growing plants and fresh vegetables along with demonstrating knowledge in how to grow a garden from seed to soil quality.

  • Exhibiting stress management and coping skills attained through group or individualized programming